F*cked up mockups

Display your design into bad conditions.
Because the world isn’t as perfect as many mockups pretend.

Fockups 2

10 new f*cked up mockups to display your design in. Fockups 2 includes several A-size poster holders, a label of a bottle and a presentation.


The 1st edition Fockups. This series contains 8 f*cked up mockups of a smartphone, flags, a billboard, posters and a businesscard.
Mockup examples - fockups - Wytze Hoogslag

Mockups vs. Fockups

A mockup incorporates a design that is not produced (yet) into a situation that offers viewers a better context of the final product.

Current mockups display these situations too idealistic. The subjects are smoothly floating around in space, beautifully enlightened or depicted along with a blue sky or a perfect cappuccino.

Reality turns out that the design faces lots of challenges: wind, rain, time, graffiti, human stupidity or failing information carriers. Those real life unfortunate situations are collected in the series Fockups. These f*cked up mockups show your design in a realistic way.

Fockups 2



Fockups is a series of Photoshop-files created from real life situations. Created by Wytze Hoogslag, co-founder of creative design studio Thansk.

Fockups got featured on Creative Boom and Page Magazine.

Fockups - F*cked up phone mockup - Wytze Hoogslag
Fockups - F*cked up poster A1 mockup - Wytze Hoogslag
Fockups - F*cked up flag on pole mockup - Wytze Hoogslag
Fockups - F*cked up poster A3 mockup - Wytze Hoogslag

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